Discover/Earth Crust Displacement “split” 7inch black vinyl

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D-Beat Raw Punk Sweden/Berlin

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BURNING ANGER 008 / RAWMANTIC DISASTERS 107  Discover / Earth Crust Displacement “var ilska kommer av karlek” split 7inch EP black vinyl
Tribute to Arre from Sweden, long time friend and a great person who sadly passed away a few years ago.
we still miss you, but we wont forget you. R.I.P.
Arre played in Bands like Giftgasattack, Glöm Da, Discover and others, so we decided to release the yet unreleased last material by Discover with two exclusively unreleased songs and two unreleased cover songs of Svart Parad and Anti Cimex while Earth Crust Displacement salutes Arre with coverversions of a few of his bands on the other side of this D-Beat Noise-Bomb split.
Discover released a couple of records during their existence, a 7inch on Rawmantic Disasters Rec, a split with Anger Burning on Dtakt RaPunk Rec, a full CD and a demo tape, which later got a 12inch release on Rawmantic Disasters Rec. What can you expect here? Total unique noisy D-Takt Raw Punk the swedish way with its special note of heavy guitar distortion and Arres unique voice and lyrical delivery. its fantastic, we love it.
On the other side, we have Berlins notorious D-Takt Noizefreaks Earth Crust Displacement, this time as  a three piece feat. Eric on guitar, Per on Bass (of Absurd SS, Giftgasattack, Warvictims) and Toda on Drumz and Vocals recorded in the “Fuzzy Funk Bunker”-Berlin, the rehearsal of Earth Crust Displacement, Svart UT and Guyana Deathtape, same place as Absurd SS and Svart UT used to record, best place in our fucked ears. ECD plays a coversong each Giftgasattack and Discover and a mad medley of songs of Discover, Glöm Da (“D-Takt”!!!) and Giftgasattack again all delivered in the usual superfast paced D-Takt Noize style their are known for.

Mastered by Daniel Husayn.

200 copies regular edition black vinyl

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