Giftgasattack “Noise Hero” “12 golden vinyl

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Dis-Noize Raw Punk Sweden


Giftgasattack “Noise Hero “12 (Burning Anger 021 / Rawmantic Disasters 117) Golden Vinyl EDITION

we proudly present “BURNING ANGER 021”

Finally the long overdue repress of a modern classic, originally released by our friends in Sweden at D-TaktRawPunk. A fantastic unique mixture of the ultra-distorted sound of Confuse and the best of Disclose, all spiced with a note of Swedish Hardcore. An instant classic, originally from 2010, now hard to get, but dis is over for now. To us, its one of the best things released in the 2010er, a D-Takt Dis-Noize opera featuring (ex)members of Martyrdöd, Warvictims, Discover, Glöm Da, Absurd SS, and many more. Fokking Dope, Fokking Loud, Fokking Best.

R.I.P. Arre, R.I.P. Granat

For fans of Framtid, Absurd SS, Physique etc etc etc…. RRRAW TO THE BONES

Dis is the limited edition of 100 copies golden wax.

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