SPECIFIK “the ill circus” LP green-black marbled wax

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Hardcore HipHop-Boom Bap-UK Rap

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BRITCORE RAWMANCE 015 Specifik “the ill circus” LP green black marbled, only 50 made
Having released his debut album on his own label B-Line Recordings two and a half years ago, Specifik is now back with its successor. By reading the track list on the cover alone you get an idea what this must and will sound like. A huge list of infamous names from all the different angles of UK Hip Hop promises this to be very versatile, just like the debut Eighty3 in 2016. And that’s what it is indeed. Every track comes with its very own flavour and special ingredients, painstakingly fitting the rhymers and often rounded up by serious cutting and scratching. Of course we got to hear the B-Line posse on this – Whirlwind D, Chrome, Doozer, Carpetface, Project Cee, Jabbathakut (one third of Jeep Beat Collective with K-Delight and Dave The Ruf) and Uncle Mic Nitro a.k.a. Lord Tekneek from Dark Craftsmen on two tracks. But then there also are DJ Krash Slaughta, Kid Lyrical from the Blades (Australia), Iceski, Cosm, Rola, DJ Tones, Junior Disprol from the Dead Residents, Nilla, Sol Zalez from New Jersey (as heard on the first Specifik LP before) and more.  Therefore the versatility is not surprising, this album got it all. From the smoother “Dis-May” which features Figure Of Speech and runs at 90 BPM to the fastest track, “We Come Around” with cuts from DJ Tones at 116 BPM. When you hear Uncle Mic Nitro beginning the first verse on this with “Witness the strength as I commence..” then you know this will be some Britcore fire. An all-rounder and definite sure shot for your record collection as the album caters every taste and anyone will dig an other favourite track. What really is surprising is the label releasing this.

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