SELBSTJUSTIZ “subliminal apocalypse” “12 EP

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Early 90ies German Hardcore Hip Hop/Britcore

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BRITCORE RAWMANCE WHITE LABEL VANDALISM 005 Selbstjustiz “subliminal apocalypse” 12EP
Experiencing the typical career of a Hardcore Hip-Hop/Britcore crew in Germany, Selbstjustiz (German for “Vigilantism”) was founded in the very early 90’s and disbanded sometime in the mid to the late 90’s (1996 in this case) but not without having recorded numerous tracks which then remained unreleased. A career they share with (too) many crews, we are still is on our mission to release as most of these as possible, despite their delay of more than 20 years and consequently the lack of interest within today’s scene. Still, there are some people who have not forgotten and appreciate these releases as us do.
Having started working on their album it remained unfinished when the band split up in 1996. We released a chosen six of these on the series entitled “White Label Vandalism”. Coming with the typical cover of the series with graffiti artwork and of course a release sheet this is naturally a white label release, limited to 100 copies plus 20 test pressing available with inverted artwork, both being available.
Musically sharing a very similar-sounding style with Radical Committee as released earlier in the series, there are also (not only musical) parallels to Morbid Games from Kellinghusen, Germany. Delivering mostly political lyrics in German, English and Turkish the crew is influenced by several musical genres such as Industrial, Punk, Ragga, early Jungle, Orchestral Music, Dub, Jazz and obviously Britcore their music is different, experimental and one never to pigeonhole. Although we chose the more conventional Britcore tunes for this release but make up your own mind. Overall a great example of the spirit of the German Hardcore scene around 1992 to 1995. Jump into the time machine. 100 copies made

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