JUICE MC’s “secret intelligence/this jam is under attack” 7inch clear wax

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Hardcore HipHop-Britcore-UK Rap

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BRITCORE RAWMANCE 7 DEADLY SINS 001 Juice MC’s “secret intelligence/this jam is under attack” “7
The hip hop family tree is VAST. It’s roots stretch out mile upon mile, spanning borders, cultures and genres. The fruit from this tree varies from branch to branch. Some sweet, some sour, some young, some old. Over the years hip hop has encompassed the entire globe, and to those who know their history, there is a very specific sound to those early UK bangers. Occasionally, an artist manages to capture that very raw energy that encapsulated those early years. The ‘New’ Old School. This release oozes with it. Let’s use this opportunity to take it apart and analyse just what it is that grabs us by the hand and says “Tap your toes and nod your head! NOW!”
Straight outa Tamworth and around since the mid 80s, the crew features a classic combo of 2 MCs (Wordz and AJ) and 1 DJ (Suicide Petch), and they use it to it’s full potential. Knowing when and where to pass the mic and hype the other MC, and where to place the scratches have always been essential to the construction of a hardcore dance floor filler. The first track ‘Secret Intelligence’ comes in with an eerie sample, taken from the cult classic ‘Warriors’ of 1979. The atmosphere and chinking of bottles sets the scene perfectly, anticipating the beat which kicks in straight away with a stupid amount of energy, cuts to get wet over, and a familiar sample utilized by PWEI in the 90’s, “Can You Dig It?” – Yes we most certainly can! (sorry, couldn’t resist) As the ryhmes proceed to roll, the bassline takes a hold and drags the listener by the scruff of their collar deeper into the track. The format here is a blessing on the ears, that familiar flow of drops and highs giving gravitas to the MCs as they tell their story.
Like much of my favorite bits of the early UK scene, this track is political and culturally aware, telling tales of street corner contempt, and making it clear that we have a voice that must be heard… at any cost. Closing with another well placed sample, this track is one for the DJs and one for the breakers. That classic driving beat and rolling bass are perfect for the energy this track needs to carry. Resist moving along if you dare.
The accompanying track is no less of a foot stomper. Funk guitars crowd surf you into the vibe on a bed of drummers arms, while the MCs use it’s energy to hype the audio crowd. This track seems to scream it’s head off with one word – “BOUNCE”. And it truly believes in it, like it’s become it’s religion. The lyrics once again tell of a fight against our corporate culture, “What does the future hold in store? – Equal rights for ever more.” This is party hip hop with a message, and the fact that it holds that true essence of the early scene is nothing less than a huge compliment. The return of small batch vinyl and the passionate love of the wax itself marries with releases such as this one with no wooden spoon in sight. If this culture was a tree, it would be a Yew, surviving for eons, growing endless branches and re-rooting forever more. I for one am tying up a rope swing and cracking open the lino, come join me.




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