DJ Highfly ‎”Rohstoff” 12 EP

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Hardcore HipHop-Britcore-UK Rap

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epic 22 minutes Britcore Tune feat. Alikazam (Dookie Squad), Bandog (Killa Instinct), Basme, Chrome, Elemental, Exile (Warped Ethics, Fireball Fingaz), Frozen Brain (Mental Disorda), Gambit (Last Resort), Hideouz, iIIinspired, Invokal, Inzaine, Kid Lyrical (Blades), MC Gusto, Iceski (Criminal Minds), Mister Phet, SMG Aka Shoot Ya Dead (Readykill), Mike, Pillah K, Pure Doze (Too Strong), Raas, MC Rapia, Reach Da Reapa, The Remarkable 1 (Deliverance), T.S. One (The Mantis Chapter), Wizardry ,B-Boy Machine, Cynic-K, Merlin , DJ Arok, DJ Tones, DJ Krash Slaughta (Two Tone Committee, Krack Free Media), DJ Psychopath (HH80)

a monster of a tune

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