ACTUAL PROOF “demo ’93/’94” “12EP Testpress

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Early 90ies German Hardcore Hip Hop

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This quite legendary crew from Oberhausen (North Rhine-Westphalia area, Germany) is a characteristic example of the difficulties German Hardcore Hip-Hop bands went through within their career. Having recorded several demos and playing gigs throughout Germany (Actual Proof even played at the infamous “United B-Boys of Norway” jam 1995 in Oslo, Norway), they nevertheless stood there without an own release when they eventually disbanded after the rise and fall of Britcore in Germany and the European mainland. With this, Actual Proof experienced a history similar to other German Hardcore-Hip Hop legends, such as Direkt Action, Syren or Hard Bass although it did look quite well in 1994 when Blue Eyes got them the opportunity to reach a broader audience, even in the UK, with the release of “Underground Unsigned Vol. 1” which featured two tracks from the group. The compilation was meant as a stepping stone for further tracks to be released or even to gain interest from a label to get any of the artists signed. It didn’t happen however, although idea and implementation were great. It took 17 years to have the next and so far only other output by the group which was “Falze Prophets” on Underground United Vol. 2 LP in 2011 (being a demo from 1994), Although Echo Vee was still rapping and featured on releases from Too Strong or Fast Forward over the years. Thankfully, this is changing now and everyone gets to hear further material. As part of Britcore Rawmance’s “White Label Vandalism” series, this white label EP comes in the typical black-and-white printed sleeve complete with release sheet and artwork. There’s a run of 100 regular copies and 20 test pressings with inverted artwork available. Having recorded enough demos for another Actual Proof output in this series, this EP hopefully receives enough interest and feedback to make a further Actual Proof release happen in the not too far future. Fingers are crossed!  (Text by Boris/Underground United)

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