coming out soon:

ABSURD SS “s/t” “12 Burning Anger 001

We proudly present our very first release on the label. 15 Track insane D-Takt Noize/Crasher Crust straight outta Dog Shit City Berlin/Germany. Feat. Per of Giftgasattack/Warvictims/Martyrdöd, Oskar of Final Slum War/Dozix, G of Nocturnal Scum and Toda of Earth Crust Displacement/Svart UT/Peacebastard/Dead Kaspar Hausers. Recorded january 2020 by Eric of Earth Crust Displacement/Guyana Deathtape in the Crust Displacement Bunker Berlin(East). All Coverartworks by Robin Wiberg (Svaveldioxid). Mastered by Daniel Husayn.

Testpress Edition of 30 copies in alternative artwork out June 29th.

Regular black copies (200 copies only) and limited white vinyl (100 copies only) out very soon.